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Root Canal
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At Laguna View Family Dental, we are dedicated to your peace of mind when it comes to your upcoming dental procedure. Root canal procedures are commonplace, and our team of specialists will make you feel right at home. Any questions or concerns can be addressed at a consultation before the procedure itself, or when your appointment rolls around. Our goal is to get your oral health back up to stellar quality as comfortably as we can, so be sure to stop by if you need anything at all. Feel free to call and ask specific questions, but we hope the following information can give you some of the information you need to feel better.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is like a filling. If you are due for a root canal, it means that there is decay in your tooth. However, if it is a root canal instead of a simple filling, that decay has surpassed the superficial level and is affecting the pulp of your tooth, which is the very center of your tooth. Your teeth have canals that connect that pulp to your jawbone, and the nerves (along with blood vessels and other tissues) run through those.

If decay has damaged this portion of your tooth, a filling will not work. To reach this part, a different access point has to be made, and a different technique has to be used to reach and repair the damage. The techniques that we use in place of a filling are what gives the root canal its name. A root canal can help you by repairing the damage done within your tooth and hopefully preventing further decay as time goes on.

The Root Canal Process

A root canal starts with numbing the tooth that we will be working on, much like when you get a filling. If this tooth has had prior work done, such as a crown or a previous filling, we have to take that out before continuing. Then, we go inside the tooth to access the pulp. Much like we do with a filling, where we remove the damage from decay, in a root canal we remove the damaged pulp before cleaning the entire area. Then, we fill the canal to prevent infection and use a temporary crown to cover the damaged tooth. We will make an impression of the damaged tooth so that a more permanent crown can be made. Once that is ready, it will be attached in place of the temporary crown and bonded to the tooth.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Probably the most common question we get about any dental procedure we do is whether or not the procedure will hurt. During the procedure, we use the best techniques to manage any pain you might experience. Always be sure to tell us if you are feeling any pain. After the procedure is finished, you might encounter some discomfort. However, that is easily managed through standard OTC medication.

Do I Need to Get My Tooth Pulled?

Usually, a root canal is an effort made to try and save the tooth you already have. The roots are as essential to your body as the top is for chewing. The roots help to keep your jaw healthy. If your root canal is successful, then there is no need to pull the tooth. If you got it pulled, it would cost much more (you need to replace the tooth, which means your bill will go up), and could do more damage than necessary.

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