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Do Cold Sores Affect Your Oral Health?
Posted on 11/10/2019 by Dr. Leo Townsend, DDS
When you have a cold, it can manifest in a couple of signs and symptoms. There are people who get sores around their mouths. Some can be painful or itchy and cause discomfort when one tries to open their mouths while talking or eating. They can also be a huge distraction when talking to someone and thus some people choose to drape a piece of cloth over their mouth area. They typically heal after two to four weeks and do not leave a mark. What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of A Cold Sore? Cold sores mostly form at the sides of your mouth. They can be caused by a fever or viral infection, stress, fatigue, changes in hormones such as with people expecting menstruation, changes in one's immune system as well as exposure to too much sun and wind. They are mostly accompanied by one of these symptoms; fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, headache and muscle aches. These are also the signs that indicate a cold. They appear at around the same time and disappear together. Before they occur, the individual will experience itching, and burning sensation around their lips. Then after a day or two small blisters filled with fluid appear. They later ooze, and the area begins to crust. What Is The Effect On Oral Health? They can cause an itch or burn that does not allow one to clean their teeth completely well when brushing. Sometimes when at the tip of the lips, they hinder one from opening their mouths fully and this can cause bad breath. The fluid enclosed should also be wiped off upon oozing as it could cause bad breath, too. We advise that you take care of yourself and your environment to avoid catching a cold and hence cold sores. If you get them, call us and book an appointment. Our dentists are more than ready to help you....

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