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What to Know Right After Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Posted on 10/17/2017 by Dr. Leo Townsend, DDS
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Having your teeth whitened is something that many people do. You want a healthier looking, brighter smile that shines up the room. You can have this, but you have to go through a process that removes the stains and whitens the outside of the teeth.

There are also many things that you should know regarding the whitening process. While, our dentists take the time to speak with every patient regarding what to expect and what to know about the whitening that you're having done, here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to right after the whitening procedure.

Things to Know for After the Whitening Procedure

•  Avoid all dark staining drinks or foods for at least 24 hours after having your teeth whitened. This can be anything from coffee and tea to wine and sodas. It can also include chocolate, berries and other acidic and staining items.
•  Anything that will leave a stain on a white T-shirt shouldn't be consumed.
•  Do not smoke during this time, as this can also stain your teeth.
•  Any food or drinks that are consumed should be white and non-staining foods such as white wine, milk, cereal, plain pasta and fish.
•  Colored toothpaste should also be avoided for 24 hours, such as blue or red colors.

Each patient is given the information ahead of time, so you know what to expect for the procedure, but it is important that you do not stain your teeth right after treatment. After 24 hours, you can go back to doing, eating and drinking what you normally would.

Speak with our office today regarding teeth whitening that you'd like to have done. This will provide you with an appointment and a consult to learn more and set up a time to have a whiter, brighter smile.

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